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01.13.01 Wednesday


01.13.01 Wednesday



 Amanda Finishing On-ramp

 Coaches Rant:

So here it is 2013, a New Year full of hopes and dreams. A time to imagine gracefully and effortlessly getting a 2:30 Fran time…HA!

As I’ve said before and I’ll repeat, “ CrossFit never gets any easier, it just sucks less.” You must come to grips with the simple fact that you are going to have days where the bar feels extra heavy. As its knurled complexion bites into your hands, you have to know today might be a bad day. Days like this are often of my own doing, since I am so easily talked in to doing a WOD against my best interest… WTF!

Disclaimer: “ do as I say, not as I do.”

Now back to topic training. We are all training. I don’t care if you are training for a chance to compete in the CrossFit open or just training for life. You all have to believe that you are training for something. A faster lap time, a heavy deadlift, keeping up with your kids, losing your butt, or getting a butt, there are tons of reasons to train. Otherwise you would be sitting on your ass watching re-runs of Duck Dynasty until you laughed yourself into a heart attack. The point: today and everyday leading up until game day (or obtainment of a specific goal) we are training. Train to be better at your sport everyday. So, if today is the day you slop around the gym with your bucket of suck, remember it’s training. Focus on why you are here and forget about the clock.

Lifting points:
Keep the snatch high-pulls at a weight that allows you to get the elbows elevated maximally on all reps; the top position is more important than the weight.

Power jerk + jerk – heavy 1+1, 95% x 1+1, 90% x 1+1
Front squat – heavy double, 95% x 2, 90% x 2

Power jerk + jerk – heavy 1+1, 95% x 1+1, 90% x 1+1
Mid-hang power snatch – heavy 3, 95% x 3, 90% x 3
Mid-hang snatch high-pull (flat-footed) – 3 x 6
Front squat – heavy double, 95% x 2, 90% x 2

ME 500m row
rest (at least) 2min

Then for time
500m row
Then immediately
3 rounds
12 deadlifts 155/93
9 hang cleans
5 MU or 10 Ring dips

2 Responses

  1. Lacretta

    Power Jerk + Jerk at 93lbs

    ME Row at 2:08
    Deadlifts at 83lbs
    Hang Clean at 83lbs
    Bar Ring Dips

    WOD Time: 10:34

    Lift Practice:
    Clean at 103lbs

    Snatch Technique Practice

  2. Erik

    ME 500m Row at 1:47

    500m row then
    3 rounds for time:
    12 Deadlifts at 155 lbs
    9 Hang Clean at 155 lbs
    10 Ring Dips

    WOD: 12:50 Rx

    Lift Practice:
    Jerk – 205 lbs. x 1
    Fron Squat – 215 lbs. x 2