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01.13.07 Monday


01.13.07 Monday




Coaches Rant:

Back to normal… for now.

So it’s back to business as usual. You can tell that the holidays are over when People start taking down the decorations and resume bitching about the weather. Joy Joy… fuack I have to shovel again!

With all the running around out of the way, we can get back to a non f’ed up schedule. This means more than enough work for everyone this week. You’re welcome; consider it a late Christmas/New Year present. You can thank me later.

Lifting Points:

Warm up by doing a couple of reps with a light weight in order to “wake up” lifting positions. Do not count these reps since they are to be considered a warm up! Keep weight jumps consistent and aim to have your current 3RM on your 3rd or 4th attempt (depending on how you feel for the day). Attempt to PR on the last remaining reps.
Hang clean-3 3 3 3 3
Clean Deadlift- 3 3 3 3 3

Block clean (knee) – 3RM; 95% x 3, 90% x 3
Clean pull on riser – 4RM, 95% x 4, 90% x 4
Halting clean deadlift (upper thigh) – 3RM, 95% x 3, 90% x 3

5 rft
5 Power cleans 155/103
5 Burpee box jump over 24/20
10 CTB Pull-up

3 Responses

  1. Erik

    Hang Clean – 175lbs. x 3
    Clean Dead Lift – 245 lbs. x 3

    5 rds for time
    5 power cleans 155 lbs.
    5 burpee box jump over
    10 ctb

    Time – 18:28 rx

  2. Lacretta

    Hang Squat Clean/83lbs

    Power Cleans/103lbs
    Burpee box jump over/20
    10 Pull-ups (Spent 3 rounds horribly attempting CTB)

    WOD Time: 20:15

  3. Kim

    Hang Clean 103lbs
    Clean Deadlift 168lbs

    5 Power Cleans @ 103lbs
    5 Burpee Box Jump Over @ 20″
    10 Pull-ups (Rx was CTB)

    Time: 13:24