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01.13.09 Wednesday


01.13.09 Wednesday



Coaches Rant:

It sucks to be last…

Understand that you are going to finish dead last, somedays. Not by choice and not because you did more work than anyone else ( bad reps excluded). It is just not your day. The movement is not your strongest, the lift was this, and your diet was that. You have to fore go the mental shit storm you’re brewing and get past it. Work harder than others and improvement will come. If you are looking for sympathy, quit now! This is a sport where you will have an awesome support group of coaches and people cheering you on every step of the way. The woe is me need not apply. People join because they want to get stronger, faster and add more life to the end of their years. Not to sit around and hope they get attention when they pout about their “performance”.

Life is tough, harden up. Tell that stupid barbell to STFU!

Hang Snatch- 3 3 3 3 3
Snatch Deadlift- 3 3 3 3 3

Block snatch (knee) – 3RM, 95% x 3, 90% x 3
Snatch pull on riser – 4RM, 95% x 4, 90% x 4
Halting snatch deadlift (hip) – 3RM, 95% x 3, 90% x 3

10min amrap

12 wallballs 20/14
6 curits p’s 115/73
3 MU or 6 ring dips

4 Responses

  1. Lacretta

    Block Snatch at 73lbs
    Snatch Pull on Riser at 83lbs
    Halting Snatch Deadlift at 123lbs

    As RX’d

    Rounds: 2+3