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05.28.11 life Happens


05.28.11 life Happens

I love CrossFit! Almost to the point of obsession. I love seeing athletes around push out that last rep with a face of pure pain and exhaustion. It has been a long journey, many of my missed days or missed reps can be attributed to my lack of confidence and over bearing ego telling me “I can’t…”

We all have those thoughts mid WOD where you think:

7reps “what the hell am I doing here!”

6reps “I can’t do another one of these!”

5reps “Its just to hard for me!”

4reps “I was never an athlete and I am never going too be one”

3reps “I should quit!”

The whole time your ego is getting louder making you weaker, helping you convince your self your right. But if you can just shut up, you would hear that little voice thats helping you keep count.

2reps “You can do this!”

1reps “Do it again but faster!”

Life Happens! the dog crapped on your carpet, the kids made a mess and Suzy slapped Jimmy, the car broke down, and your having a bad hair day. But you have to push through the suck focus on your body and for one hour block out the crap.

So Shut-up and pick up the bar!