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06.17.11 Tire Rope


06.17.11 Tire Rope

Kyle came to us little over a month ago looking to get ready for his military PT test.


60 push-up in 2 min

60 Sit-ups in 2 min

and Run 2 miles in under 15min

His Results:

70 push-ups

70 sit -ups

2 miles in 13:30

PS. He’s getting married on Saturday so if you see him a fist bump is in order fo sho.


The wods have been extra nice to the quads this week spend some time working on some extra mobility.



How many tire flips in a minute
How many rope climbs in two minutes


Russian Ab Twist W/ bumper (25/15)

Butt scoots

Add all reps to get your total score. If you are unable to climb the rope x2 pulls and descents from the floor= one climb.