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07.23.11 Saturday


07.23.11 Saturday


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Some words worth reading complements of Lisbeth Darsh…

We all get caught up in what CrossFit is, in what we think it should be, in what we hope it can or could be. The CrossFit community debates and pontificates and reacts.
But really, we overthink it. And we underthink it.
See, CrossFit isn’t Reebok gear. It isn’t specific wods or the weights you lift, or the way that you choose to do a pull-up.
CrossFit isn’t just in an affiliate, or just in your garage, or just at your gym.
And yet it is all of those things.
CrossFit is as little or as big in your life as you make it. It can just be your workout elements or it can be the building blocks to a better life.
As much or as nothing as you make it. Just like your life: as much or as nothing as you make it. You choose. You’ve chosen all your life. Look at your life right now and honestly ask if you are the person you always wanted to be, if this is the life you always wanted to live.
If the answer is yes, then keep going! If the answer is no, make some changes. Now. Don’t bitch one more breath. Don’t complain one more day. Consider this world you made for yourself. You did it. You. And only you can make it better, not whatever or whoever it is you are complaining about.
CrossFit didn’t make your world, and it can’t fix your world. But, if you use it right, CrossFit can kinda help you create a better life for yourself. But you have to want to learn those lessons, you have to open your ears, and you have to act.
CrossFit is exactly what you do with it. Make it as much or as little (or none) of your life as you choose. So, look at CrossFit, but, really, see yourself . . .