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07.25.12 New Plus System


07.25.12 New Plus System

So we have been hearing from some people that they would like to have more strength added to their normal WO schedule. In order to facilitate this request we are going to have RX+ designations Listed in the strength portion of the posts. Since these can become a bit lengthy it is your responsibility to warm up, know your weight % and do the lifts with-in designated time slots. You are not going to get extra time and Rx+ strength sections and they are only going to be posted on the web not in the Box. If you are serious about adding more strength, speed and power to your lifts you will have no problem with these requirements. Keep a log and show up early to warm up! if you are late you will not be able to do RX+ strength. Look for a post on Saturday and expect to rest on Thursdays!

15×1 Front squat
-Work up to heavy single
-rest 45sec btw sets

5×2 Front squat
-Rest 2sec in the bottom
-Work up to heavy double
-rest 30sec btw sets

Clean Pull (1RM Clean)
1×1 90% 2×1 95% 2×1 105% 2×1 115% 2×1 105% 1×1 95%


Thruster 95/68