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12.12.18 tuesday


12.12.18 tuesday

soon my beard will be complete. The eyebrows are going to take some time though

Coaches rant: 
Rant! I figured it was better than “Coaches notes” as they are more for your notes and not specifically my notes. “Rant” is a better use of words rather than a lecture, since this is  informal and I will probably have some (if not many) grammatical errors. This will be pointed out by my studious and institutionalized followers (Prof and Amy). However, the  lack of my caring and pure fact that this is not for a grade only further makes me wonder why I did so well in english class. But I digress.

Lifting like you F*@king mean it:
Often we have day where everything sucks. The weather sucks, joints and muscles suck, car sucks, gas prices suck, and worst of all your lifts/workout performance sucks. Days are going to suck, life is bound to happen and the only thing you can control is yourself.  Lifting takes every bit of focus. When you become hesitant and distant thinking about mindless BS and insurmountable piles of crap. Ask yourself what is going to demand more of your attention? Shit or lifts? Most of us would rather have lifts but are always unpleasantly surprised with shit! We have had those days but the ones that let crap go are the winners, even if they finish dead last. The world owes us nothing. The barbel doesn’t care that the guy or girl you like thinks you smell funny  or that you f’ed up a big deal. All it cares about is “are you here”. It wants to know that it has your attention and it will make you suffer even more if you fail to realize that. So lift like you F*@king mean it, enter the Box and clear your mind of the all the crap for the hour that you are here and I promise all the crap will be waiting for you when you leave!

Lifting Points:
Power snatch and snatch high-pull weights should be challenging but allow quality reps. Power snatches should be snappy and locked out completely; high-pulls should be to maximum elbow height.

Push Press + Power Jerk + split Jerk – heavy 1+1+1, 95% x 1+1+1, 90% X 1+1+1
Front Squat – heavy 3, 95% x 3, 90% x 3

Push Press + Power Jerk + split Jerk – heavy 1+1+1, 95% x 1+1+1, 90% X 1+1+1
Mid-Hang Power Snatch – 3 x 5 at med wt
Block Snatch High-Pull (mid-thigh) – 3 x 8 at med wt
Front Squat – heavy 3, 95% x 3, 90% x 3

RX+ No WOD alternate between each skill with 45sec rest between
1a)Man makers 7×3
1b)GHR 10×3

25cal row
then 2 rnds
25 kb swings
25 burpees
25 sit-ups


HSPU/NPush: Day 36