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12.12.20 Thursday


12.12.20 Thursday

Coaches Rant:

Stop acting like a sissy miss whiny pants! Nothing happens when your to busy complaining. People often surprise me. We all place these “limits” on how we operate on a daily basis. I am not talking about the limits that keep you inside the realms of functioning as semi-normal member of society. Those limits need to be enforced because lets face it, if we all expelled unwanted bodily gasses and decided it was no pants Thursdays it would be a very scary world. I am talking about the waaa limits, you know; “Its just too hard!” “I just cant do it that way” “I hate this or that” “waa waa waa nnaa waa na”… UGH! I get it the workload/movements associated with CrossFit suck sometimes but if it were easy, would you do it? So the next time you feel yourself wanting to boo hoo or you get the creeping sensation to rally your fellow classmates into a feverish upheaval of belligerent babyness. 10 Man Makers will be rewarded to you and your fellow conspirators to help clear you all of your downtrodden dispositions and cheer up. 😀


500m Row


10 alt Split Snatch 75/53
20 floor sweepers (L+R=1)
10 alt Split Snatch 75/53
20 wall balls 20/14
10 alt Split Snatch 75/53
20 K2C
10 alt Split Snatch 75/53

HSPU/nPush: Day 38

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