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12.12.28 Friday


12.12.28 Friday

Preferably none at all!

Coaches Rant:

In 48hrs WWI has managed to almost sell out all 40 spots.  If you are sitting on the fence and waiting for something… you might be too late. If you are worried about what may come out of the hopper, register scaled and get a taste for a competition. WTF at least you get a free shirt out of it.

Hey Christmas cookie and holiday treat eatin sugar freaks the 24 day challenge kick off meeting is January 5thregister and help put an end to self induced food hangovers.


Lifting Points:

In the back squat keep your chest up in a vertical and tight position. By allowing the bar to “push you down”  it causes you to loose power and stability (also putting a shit ton of strain on your lower back). Take a deep breath, hold, and clamp down on your core. Keep your elbows pointed down and open your chest, as if you are trying to bend the middle of the bar on your back.  Focus on keeping your head in a neutral position as you descend and ascend. Push your hips back and track your knees out and over the toes, placing the force on the heel and sides of your feet. Upon reaching full depth try to ascend like you are attempting to jump. keep in mind your primary driving force is your hamstrings and gulte muscles not solely your quads.

Pause Jerk + jerk – heavy 1+1, 95% x 1+1, 90% x 1+1 (3 full second pause in the dip)
Back Squat – Heavy Triple x 3

Pause Jerk + jerk – heavy 1+1, 95% x 1+1, 90% x 1+1 (3 full second pause in the dip)
Mid-hang Power Clean – Heavy 3, 95% x 3, 90% x 3
Snatch Balance – heavy Double, 95% x 2, 90% x 2
Mid-hang Clean high pull (flat footed)- 3×6
Back Squat – Heavy Triple x 3


12 min amrap

5 OHS 115/68
10 box jumps 24/20
15 pull-ups

3 Responses

  1. Kim

    WOD as Rx’ed 4 rounds
    12 min. AMRAP
    5 OHS 68lbs
    10 20″ Box Jumps
    15 pull-ups

    Pause Jerk @ 83lbs
    Back Squat @ 143lbs

    46 narrow push-ups

  2. Lacretta

    Note to self: It’s probably not a good idea to WOD with food poisoning. Oh well…

    Pause Jerk + Jerk at 83lbs
    Back Squat at 113lbs

    WOD: 12 Min AMRAP
    OHS scaled at 63lbs
    Box Jumps

    Rounds = 2 + 25