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13.02.02 Saturday PR


13.02.02 Saturday PR

Coaches Rant:
May your lifts be Epic… that is all!


Snatch – max
Clean & Jerk – max
Deadlift – max

POST ALL LIFTS (including Misses)

3 Responses

  1. lacretta

    Snatch at 88lbs – PR
    Clean & Jerk at 113lbs (No PR, but weight stayed the same so I’ll take it.)
    Deadlift at 208lbs – PR

    Overall, it was a good day. Feeling better than I have the last couple weeks.

  2. Ahren

    Snatch – 73lbs
    Clean & Jerk – 93lbs -PR
    Deadlift – 163lbs -PR

    Was getting the bar up to eye level with 78lbs for the snatch but wasn’t able to drop under it.