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13.02.26 Tuesday


13.02.26 Tuesday


Coaches Rant:

Deficiency! Recently I read an article “Train Like A Champion: Technique, Habits and Positivity ” by Greg Everett (Owner of Catalyst Athletics). It struck a note with me as I was failing (in my mind) to safely execute multiple 315lb deadlifts. Over the last couple of years I have been able to focus my efforts and I can without a doubt pinpoint all of the movements that I down right suck at. The sad truth is that I have been neglecting them since I found out what they were. Hiding them like a fat kid hiding candy wrappers from his parents.  Glassing over these areas has been a norm, but I can stand for it no more. Today I commit to all of you that I will improve my neglected deficiencies or I will shave my beard!!

My first challenge is 45 push-ups a day for 30days… please feel free to remind me if you see me. Some times you have to “grease the groove”

“…Champions and successful individuals in all arenas are the ones who understand this and are willing to put in the time and energy into all the minutiae that the common person will never even notice or care about. The champion knows that everything he or she does is important and affects performance, and never questions the need to make every repetition, every action and every thought positive and aimed at improvement.”

Warm-up series:

– interval row 30s on 30s off 5 total int
– 2 clean long pull + 2 front squat + 2 clean Sots press
– 2min Paleo Chair hold
– basic mobility

1 Power Clean + 2 Push Press x 5
Good mornings 12r x 3s

1 Pwr Clean + 2 Pwr Jerk
1+2 x 5s @ 80% 1rm jerk

Rest exactly 30s btw
1a) Pendlay rows 5r x 3s(heavy)
1b) Good mornings 10r x 3s

35 power cleans 165/113
• 20 dubs every min on the min

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