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13.03.05 Tuesday


13.03.05 Tuesday

Coaches Rant:

I care…

I feel there is a disconnection sometimes. We all at one time or another get caught up in the time, trying to PR with sub par form, or just going through the motions without care. Stuck, un-interested… boring! Often there comes a point when people just stop caring (everyone but me [And your coaches]). I’ve coached just about all of you, so when you stop caring it troubles me (My witty and pleasant attitude is a constant display of this caring). I react with tough love and re-drill basics and enforce burpee penalties. It’s not because I can… (sometimes) it’s to solidify and expose that I have noticed a deficiency and it’s my way to correct it (always with a lovely smile and kind words).   So when you decide to stop caring about the quality of your performance we will be there to remind you that we care. MORE BURPEES…



Snatch – 80% of Monday’s HS x 1 x 5
Clean & Jerk – 80% of Monday’s HS x 1 x 5
SLDL – 3 x 5 mod. wt



30 Clean and Jerks (135/95)

3 Responses

  1. Bob

    I read the rant and had to comment. Training with a coach is a privilege not a right. Having spent the last 21 days training in a hotel gym has reinforced this in me. Believe it or not, I long to hear “No Rep Bob !” Today you guys get to run Grace and throw weight around and let it fall. I had to do burpees next to a guy who operated his elliptical with 1 hand and 1 leg because his other foot was on the floor and his other hand was operating the TV remote. He cycled through the channels several times before I had to ask if he was going to train or watch TV. Be grateful for where you are and the community we have, I can’t wait to get back and basically suck at CrossFit, but do it with great people like you.