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13.03.12 Tuesday


13.03.12 Tuesday


Coaches Rant:Finally a moment to reflect. First, I am pretty excited to see how well you guys held up last Saturday.  It was awesome to see all of you that competed put forth a will to achieve more than you thought possible. You have knitted a closer bond with your fellow crossfitters, a bond that only suffering through a series of workouts can create. You truly deserve a earned congratulations. Secondly, Those of you that helped out thank-you again, without your help things would not have run as smoothly as they did… I hope you all gained something from this experience.

Moving on!

There is a renewed sense of improvement/drive floating around the Box today… Awesome!


Snatch – 80% of Mon HS x 1 x 5
Clean & Jerk – 80% of Mon HS x 1 x 5

Hang squat cleans 185/128

-SUB MU for the most difficult movement possible  (ie 1to1 JMU, 1to1 Strict pull-ups and dips, 3to1 ring dips)

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