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13.03.20 Wednesday


13.03.20 Wednesday


Coaches Rant:

Not my words but greatly agreed upon. Are you bringing out the best of yourself or are you being a clock whore?

Originally Posted by HyperFit USA December 11, 2008.

“Definition of a Clock Whore: Person who is so obsessed with beating the clock/others that they will prostitute themselves and sacrifice important and vital components of training such as range of motion, repetitions or other performance metrics for a “better” time…

…A person’s performance is PERSONAL! We want all of our members to improve, have perfect form, go faster, get stronger and get the results they want. The strict adherence to performance standards is the key to your success. The competitive environment should bring out the best in our natures, not be a showcase for our flaws. Occasionally, bad behaviors become apparent and harm the entire community. Members know when someone else is cutting corners or bragging about a performance they really didn’t earn. If the chin doesn’t get over the bar, then it doesn’t count. Claiming a score on Fight Gone Bad or a Fran time that cannot be repeated when the camera is on is a clear identifier. It harms the integrity of the program as a whole…”


Warm-up series
– 5min row
– 2 push press + 2 jerk behind neck + 2 press behind neck in split position – 3 sets

Snatch 1×7
Snatch Balance 2×4
Snatch Deadlift (top of knee) 2×5

Block Pwr snatch + 2 OHS – heavy singles x 7s
Snatch deadlift ( top of knee) + Hang Snatch pull 1 x 4s
Back squat: 90% of Monday FS 3 x 5s

Rx+ Cond: (25s rest btw)
1a) ME UNBK GHD sit-up x 3s
1b) Seated KB Press 6 x 3s
1c) Weighted pull-ups 5 x 3s (heavier than last week)


1000m Row
500m row

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