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13.04.18 Thursday


13.04.18 Thursday

Luca James Giovinazzi was born 04/17/2013. Congrats Brian and Torrie!
(actual photo taken 2hours after birth)

Coaches Rant:
Are you getting better at correct form or are you getting better at covering up a deficiency? If you have been at it for awhile (Oly lift/crossfit), this is a concept you know all too well. There will come a time when your lifts will plateau. Your speedy PR’s will almost become non existent, coupled with an increasingly downward spiral of WOD performance issues as you  increase weight.  So you change your diet, sleeping patterns, times you workout, shoes, jump ropes, knee sleeves, compression tights, lifting belts, and various gear. Spending top dollar for this and that’s when the solution to the problem is often free. This magical device has been within your grasp since you started, waiting patiently for you. Your “technique”  is what stopped your progress, not the lack of costly accessories. Don’t get me wrong there is essential equipment that is necessary  to our sport, but if you put a band-aide on a gash it will only slow the bleeding. Perfect your technique first, then your lifts will be limited by your strength.
BTW Great weather for a Run…
Back Squat
400m Run
11 C&J 95/63 (115/78)
50 Dubs
400m run
11 C&J
11 Snatches
40 Dubs
400m run
11 Snatches
30 dubs

2 Responses

  1. Erik

    who is up for a burpee challenge?
    1 a day to 50 and then back down
    total would be 100 days
    burpees killed me thr other day. I need to improve.