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13.04.19 Friday


13.04.19 Friday


Coaches Rant:Sometimes you are going to suck… and that’s ok! We all get caught up in the moment then start to over analyze, compare, over think, and self-doubt. Why? I think it is an overwhelming desire to achieve more than our comrades, but at what cost? A healthy dose of self motivation (ie hurry your ass up) is one thing but a relentless attack on yourself is not going to help you. Yes, I am going to be the first to admit that I have chastised myself for a down right horrible performance.  Then realize it’s just a workout and not a cure for cancer. I guess the rant that I am trying to get across is that in our sport there is no other physical beings that are out to interrupt, stop or block us from our task. The matter between your ears is only thing responsible for an all heart performance or a I suck performance. Unlike football you cannot tackle the person that is one round ahead of you. Everyday you walk in and set up a barbell you are in a competition with yourself. If you can keep your head down focus on pushing your physical limits, and commit to working harder than others, you will see a significant improvement in your training.

Rope Climb

10 20 30 20 10
6 12 6 12 6
Alt single arm Kb Snatches (53/35)
1 1 1 1 1
Rope climbs (x2 MU)