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13.06.10 Monday


13.06.10 Monday


Great job this weekend GIO!


Coaches Rant 
It’s BACK! After much thought and debilitating mental anguish, I have decided to bring back the RX+ programming. We have had a big interest in people competing this year.  While I understand it is not for everyone I have designated requirements necessary to participate. This should not affect the normal class programming, so those not interested in extra work you need not worry your pretty little head!!
Basic requirements: BW front squat, kipping/butterfly CTB pull-ups /  5-10 unbroken Double unders / handstand / snatch (135/88) / Clean & jerk (155/103)
1)    Commitment this program will require a diligent and dedicated following! It may consume every bit of free time you once had.
2)    Punctuality- Showing up on time is a given, but you are to set an example to the rest of the class by getting in and ready on time.
3)    Log Tracking– You must post your training log on our main site! Even if you run out of time to complete all lifts.
4)    Know your Stuff- You must know your 1RM for classic lifts.
5)    Come Prepared– since you will be doing more volume you will need to have your lifts and percentages written out. Plus the coaches will not have extra lifts written on the board. It is your responsibility.
6)    Goals – must be known by me send them to me [email protected]
7)     Due diligence- We are all talkative that’s fantastic, but do it on your own time. Since your Rx+ accessory lifts are after the wod you will need to work quickly because there is a class behind you.
8)    Coach is right- does this really need explanation?
9)    Weekend Specials:  it’s a secret
If you fit the Requirements and you can follow the rules email me along with your goals so I know you are participating!!
– Back squat WBF* x 3r x 10s  RX+ 75% (1rm BS)
– Snatch push press (no Rack) – 3 x 5

*WBF= Weight by feel

75 doubles
Hang Cleans 115/73 Rx+(135/93) 
75 doubles

RX+ (to be performed Quickly after end of WOD)
– Snatch pull – 90% (of snatch) x 3 x 2
– Snatch deadlift – 100% (of snatch, 3 sec pause mid thigh) x 3

5 Responses

  1. Lacretta

    Back Squats at 123lbs
    Snatch Push Press at 63lbs

    WOD time = 14:09

    RX+ after WOD
    Snatch Pull at 83lbs
    Snatch Deadlift at 83lbs

    HSPU Practice (1 abmat)
    5 reps x 3 sets

  2. Back squat (235)=75%
    135×3 165×3 185x3x2 225x 3×6
    *4 days off could not get 75%
    Snatch pp
    75, 95, 115, 135, 155

    Wod as rx+ 9:15

    – kept moving pretty well (thanks k camp). Ttb were tough to string together on the 15

    Snatch high pull 185x3x2
    Snatch dead lift 185, 205×2

  3. Erik

    Back squat 75% – 225 lbs.
    Snatch PP – 95 lbs. Ran out of time

    Word Rx – 14:50 (Thanks Robert for giving me a goal:))

    Snatch high pull – 155 lbs.
    Snatch dead lift – 155 lbs. (Worked on technique with Cody D)

    Power snatch – 155 lbs. Tied a PR (it was ugly)

  4. Back squat WBF – 163 lbs

    Did not get to Snatch PP – blaming the screaming children. lol

    RX – 16:14

    Will pick up RX+ training once I’m back to pre-baby times and weights.

  5. Ryan Snyder

    Back Squat: did this as an emom for times sake. Sets at 185×2, 195×2, 205×6
    Subbed gymnastics strength: 5 rounds not for time of 10 HSPU, 10strict chin-ups, and 15 second L-sit hold
    WOD: 9:14 using 135# for hangs