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13.06.24 Monday


13.06.24 Monday


Coaches Rant:

Ireland: It was fun! Got to see a lot, it rained a lot, Jet lag was rugged, it got dark around 11pm, Guinness tastes better there than here in the states, the irish are very friendly,  and my training went to crap! good to be back!

– Back squat WBF x 3r x 10s (weight by feel) RX+ 81% (1rm BS) 
– Snatch deadlift – WBF (3 sec pause mid thigh) 1 x 3 –Rx+ 106% x 1 x 3 

600m row
24 burpees
12 dips

RX+ (to be performed Quickly after end of WOD) 
– Snatch pull – 96% (of snatch) x 3 x 2
– ME DH Pull-ups x 2

12 Responses

  1. Ryan Snyder

    I hate when work gets in the way of training!
    Squat: sets @ 185, 205, 225×2, 245×2, 255×2, 245 (yes I know that is only 9 sets–please refer to my first statement)
    Snatch Deadlift: 185#
    WOD: 13:35 Rx

    Burpee pace was solid, but rowing pace falls off quickly

  2. Paul Noel

    Squats: 135-185-225-255-275-305×5
    Snatch deadlift: 225
    WOD: 18:56 Rx
    Burpees destroy me
    Snatch pull: 205
    DH pull-ups: 5, 5

  3. Lacretta

    I echo Ryan’s sentiment about work! I worked late, so ran 2 miles as my own punishment:

    1 mile run – from home to the Lake Abram Playground = 8:54
    – Rest 5 minutes
    1 mile run – from Lake Abram Playground to home = 8:41

  4. Back squat
    135×1,205×1, 235×1 240 x1, 255×2,250×2,240×2
    Snatch deads

    Banded dips for 2 out of 3 rounds


    “Goat” dips

    *litteraly felt Jameson pouring out of my sweat glands
    Ugh! 7days off fauqk. Skipped rx+

  5. Bob

    Squats 135, 185, 205, 225 for eight sets did the 7th round twice for lack of depth.

    Wod was 16 mins, could not move as fast as normal on burpees due to leg fatigue. Triceps were pre worked on burpees so dips were broken into two sets of six. Tried to keep a 10meter per pull pace on rower. 10 pulls = 100 meters.

    Presses this am were stronger 60 pound dumbbell military press 3 set of 6

  6. Cody G

    Back squat – 10 sets x 3 reps @ 245#
    Snatch Deadlift – 3 sets x 1 rep @ 190#

    WOD – 17:46; burpees r my worst and rowing isn’t much better

    Snatch pull – 2 sets x 3 reps @ 175#
    ME DH pull-ups x 2 sets – 8, 5 reps

    Overall didn’t feel too bad for having being destroyed on Friday night by GRC

  7. Strength:
    Back squats at 95lbs. Still trying to get squat strength back.
    Snatch Deadlight: 95lbs, 135lbs, 155lbs

    WOD – Rx
    25:40 – It took a bit of my soul.

    No Rx+ due to leg soreness.

  8. Cody Dieckman

    Back Squat – 1 x 135, 1 x 155, 1 x 185, 3 x 205

    Snatch Dead Lift – Skipped

    WOD: 15:34 Rx Rowing was at a consistent pace 500 split was between 1:45-2:00 so 600 finished between 2:00-2:30. Burpees slowed dramatically after the first round but did not break them up.

    Rx+ – Skipped

    Skipped some of strength and Rx+ due to right hamstring tightness/soreness from Saturday. Back was also tight and has been a problem area in the past so taken things slowly.

  9. Shanna

    Ugggggggghhhh! Jamison & Guiness!

    Back squat – I read it wrong did 3 sets of 10

    All at 123, my knee is still lagging, but felt pretty good today. I didn’t want to push it the first day back.

    Snatch Deadlifts – 123

    WOD – 24:27 banded dips. Felt really good going into it and right around the second row I wanted to die. Don’t worry I made it! Lol. Tomorrow is another day, I will get better.

    Also started doing core work (hollow holds, planks) 2x a day to try to repair my weak core post baby.

  10. Erik

    Ugggggggghhhh! Jamison & Guiness!

    Back Squat – worked up to 245 lbs. (81%) Working on not leaning forward at the bottom of my squat.

    Snatch Deadlifts – 165

    WOD – 25:XX didn’t write the time Rx. Need to go lower on ring dips as pointed out by Zick.

    Snatch High Pull – 145 lbs. Need to scoop the barbell on hip drive. Pelvis is bruised

    ME DH PU’s – 5 x 2 Not bad since I couldn’t do one wjen I started

  11. Robert

    Back squat
    Knees and hips were sore 45lbs, 75lbs, 95lbs, 145lbs, 145lbs, 185lbs, 185lbs, 185lbs, 185lbs, 185lbs

    Snatch dead lift 245lbs

    Wod 18:40

    DH pull ups 8, 5