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13.06.25 Tuesday


13.06.25 Tuesday



Power Jerk – Heavy single (10min cap)


10min EMOM
ODD: 35 Dubs
Even: 1 Power clean+ 1 squat clean + 1 HPC + 2 Jerk (83% from above)

RX+ (to be performed 3min after end of WOD)
– Snatch (65% x 1, 70% x 1, 75% x 1) x 3

10 Responses

  1. Ryan Snyder

    Early morning!
    Power Jerk: 225#
    WOD: 175# and doubles. No misses at this weight. Did a set at 185# and was close to missing the HPC.

    No time for anything else and my shoulders are toast.

  2. Lacretta

    Power Jerks with Crystal at 93lbs
    WOD: Dubs; Cleans at 95lbs
    RX+ after WOD
    Snatch: 3 sets by 1 rep at 55lbs; 3 sets by 1 rep at 65lbs; 1 set at 75lbs (last set was a killer…ugh)

  3. Paul Noel

    Power jerk: 245
    Definitely more comfortable with split right now.

    WOD: 175# all sets, no misses and dubs.
    I fell off pace in the 4th set and didn’t finish on time.
    Went with 175 instead of Rx to focus on technique. It still felt heavy.

    Snatch: 135×3, 145×3, 155×3.
    All power, too tired to squat snatch.

  4. Power Jerk:
    165lbs (more of a push press – legs still aren’t there)

    135lbs and Dubs – Didn’t miss any rounds

    65×3, 75×3, 95×3, 115×1

  5. Erik

    Power Jerk – 205 lbs. x 1

    135 lbs. (wrist is still not at 100%) and DUBS – could not do du’s to save my life. 25 was my best. missed every round with du’s

    65% – 80 lbs x 3
    70% – 85 lbs x 3
    75% – 90 lbs. x 3

  6. Bob

    Thanks to the Wilsons for letting me work there tonight

    Power Jerk 175

    Wod at 145, dubs were pretty good in sets of 15 unbroken.

    Snatch work all done at 75 pounds. 3 sets of 3 Limited plates in driveway. Balance was off on the catch.

  7. Cody G

    Jerk – 215 (PR)

    WOD – 180#

    RX+ – 120, 125, 135 snatch 1 x 3 at each weight

    Felt good… More comfortable with split right now… Need to work towards unassisted pistols

  8. Power jerk


    Shoulders are shot from Monday.

    Emom @ 175 for two rounds. Miss juged and dropped a re rack from a jerk and had to re clean. dropped to 165 for 3rnds. Body is still adjusting to being back at it. Vacation is slightly overrated.

    Snatch (power)

    135x1x3 145x1x3 155x1x3
    Flet good but hips and leges were to fatigued to hit the squat.

  9. Robert

    Power jerk 185lbs
    Pain in shoulder radiating down bicep made it difficult

    Pistols are ok, not great

    Dubs started bad and got better to 10 unbroken
    135lbs chose to skip a few reps due to pain