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13.07.24 Wednesday


13.07.24 Wednesday



Guys the Zenplanner mobile app has finally been updated for Iphone devices. (and you can add it to Androids: The app will allow you to track most of your WOD times and they will be posted to  leaderboard that is on our site. You must RSVP and be Checked in to your classes use this function ! Since some functionality is limited  RX+ people should still use the comment section to post times and weights. I will post a detailed message for all soon!

Front squat WBF x 2r x 3s (weight by feel) RX+ all 3 sets at 88% (1rm FS)
Clean pull WBF x 1 x 2 – RX+ 104% (of clean)

12 min EMOM
1 Power Clean + 1 Front Squat + 1 Push-Press + 1 Back Squat + 1 Push-Press @ 75%-85%  push press
100m sprint + ME Chins

RX+ (to be performed Quickly after end of WOD)
Clean deadlift – 114% (of clean) x 2 (3sec pause below knee)
ME Hollow hold x 3

8 Responses

  1. Erik

    Front Squat – 225 lbs. (did not go for 1 RM)

    Clean Pull – 245 lbs. (felt like I was lifting a truck. Maybe should have gone lighter?)

    115 lbs. (Should have gone heavier. Still cautious about wrist)
    Chin Ups – 42 (Hands were extremely sore from yesterday’s WOD)

    Clean deadlift – 114% – 245 lbs.
    ME Hollow hold x 3
    42 sec
    50 sec
    55 sec

  2. Ryan Snyder

    Minor back strain caused me to reprogram.

    4×10 strict pull-ups
    6x15sec L-sit hold
    5x45sec handstand hold
    4×10 push-ups+15sec static ring hold
    60 sec rest between all sets

    Then 10min emom 6 chin-ups

    Finally 3×35 sec hollow hold

  3. Lacretta

    Front Squats at 105lbs, 135lbs and 135lbs (failed at 155lbs)
    Clean pulls at 105lbs and 115lbs

    Bear Complex at 80lbs
    Chin ups totaled 43 (7; 7; 6; 7; 8; 8)
    Game plan going in was to hit 9 per round. Really tried to push it the last 2, but just couldn’t nail it.

    Clean deads at 145lbs
    ME Hollow Holds x 2: 45 seconds; 43 seconds

  4. Bob

    Good week continues

    Felt really strong so I chased a PR and hit it at 235 front squat

    Did Bear Complex WOD at 135, and 55 chin ups 15, 10, 10, 8, 6, 6, some no reps on chin ups cost me a goal of at least 8 per round.

    ran out of time for the rest of the work.

  5. Paul

    Front squat: 275x3sets
    Clean pull @ 265
    Clean deads @ 295
    Hollow holds x 3
    Handstand holds x 5
    No WOD