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13.09.04 Wednesday


13.09.04 Wednesday



– Power Snatch + Behind neck Snatch Push Press – 1+3 x 5
– Power Clean & Power Jerk – 1 x 5s
– Front Squat – Heavy single; then 78% 3r x 2

RX+: Power SN and CL sets are to be all done with the same weight. QUICKLY Warm up to heavy weight then stay there. All reps should be heavy but technically sound.

12 min AMRAP
4 Turkish get ups (heavy but perfect) (L+R=2)
8 unbroken wall balls 20/14  (RX+ 12′ target)
12 Pull-ups

*unbk WB no stopping or dropping during set. Regaining balance from a wallball directly to the face is acceptable*

RX+ to be performed after WOD:
Hang Snatch – 2r x 5