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13.4.22 Monday


13.4.22 Monday


Coaches Rant: If you have specific Clinics that we haven’t done yet let me know (post here in comments). Ring and rowing clinics are coming up later this week. We are going to be competing a lot this summer so if you signed up for an event or are planning on signing up for an event let us know. Double up on that fish oil it’s  gunna be another fun week!!
Quick Clinic:


Clean (full squat)+ 1 1/4 Front squat X 7s

* 1 1/4 front squat Squat to full depth then rise from the squat to right above your sticking point, stop , drop into a full squat, and then rise to a full stand.


20 Calorie Row
30 Dubs (rx+ Ubk)
20 Pistols
30 dubs
20 Push Press 115/73
30 Dubs