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14.05.14 Wednesday


14.05.14 Wednesday


We  will be saying  goodbye to Mark and Noel Zickefoose. They are moving to milwaukee to own and operate a fleet feet franchise. We wish them nothing but good luck on their new adventure!

We will remember them…

“The Zick”
A) 15min Amrap
1 mile run
then immediately est 1rm clean w/ remaining time
~4 min to completely break down bar and clean area then~
B) 4 rounds of
45 dubs
250m Run
25 Wallballs 20/14
250m Row
15 KB swings (53/35) (70/53)

Score Clean weight and Part B. Failure to completely store and put away equipment in the allotted time results in 55  penalty  burpees, which will be added to your part B time.