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14.05.19 Monday


14.05.19 Monday



As the 2014 CF Regional comes to a close I reflect on all of the tireless work that our athletes have put in to go head to head with some fierce competition. It was a rugged test of strength and will this weekend for our Veteran Brian Giovinazzi and the newbie the bull aka Vinny Buttitta. I am very proud to have had the opportunity to coach both of them. I can say that while they are two very different athletes they both have one thing in common and that is an insane amount of work ethic and well two things actually, they are both sugar addicts. But for those that are seeking the magic formula to be on the same level as the men and women that competed this weekend, there isn’t one! There are no short cuts, tricks or pills. The key to success is do the work to eliminate your weaknesses, push your mental limits, and never quit. Congratulations to you both!


-Behind the neck push press (moderate weight) 8r x 4s
-Pendlay Rows (moderate weight) 10r x 4s

25 Plate squats 45/25 (must hold plate in front of the body)
250m Bumper run 45/25
25 Plate Burpees (Ie. from the down position jump up on top of the plate)

3 rounds (4min rest between rounds)
100m sled push (AHAP)
100m Sprint