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141008 Wednesday


141008 Wednesday



– Power Snatch – 65% x 3r x 4
– Power Clean – 65% x 3r x 4
– Overhead Squat – 65% x 3r x 5

Skill/ Technique:
* With a running clock perform each movement for 60sec with a 60sec transition/rest period. Except for 1C 1D they are to be done continuously (IE: first minute left leg forward, then next minute right foot forward this is to be done  immediately without re racking the bar)

1A – ME HSPU or Dips  x 3set
-rest 60s-
1B – ME Strict Chins x 3 set
-rest 60s-
1C – ME BB Split Squats  (AHAP)  (L)  x 3set
1D – ME BB Split Squats  (AHAP) (R) x 3set
-rest 60s –

  • record total reps for each movement separately

Cash out:
Collect 2:30 in a hollow-hold or L-sit