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5 Hacks to Effortlessly Build Healthy Habits from now and into 2019


5 Hacks to Effortlessly Build Healthy Habits from now and into 2019



Life is hectic, I understand. At some point we will all be faced with an opportunity to create a better lifestyle. Whether it is because of a overwhelming feeling to better oneself or a forced reason (and I don’t wish this for you). If you are reading this I hope that you are proactively looking for a solution to get in shape this year and actually commit to it.

I’ve put together 5 hacks that you can implement today that will help guide you through the holidays and beyond.

  1. Don’t make promises you cannot keep.
    1. My mother use to say to me “your mouth is writing checks your @$$ cannot cash.” Now it might have been because I was talking back but I’ve adopted it into a way of thinking about committing to things. We all know the resolution people. “ This year I am going to … (insert lofty half hearted goal)” then 3 weeks later they are back to old habits. So write checks and cash them every day.
  2. Don’t do new years resolutions
    1. According to U.S. News, approximately 80% of resolutions fail by the second week of February, so the odds are against you. Rather than set yourself up for failure commit to daily, weekly and monthly lifestyle changes. Set milestone goals, they are the keys to sustained long term success.
  3. Start Small
    1. Maybe it’s taking the stairs instead of the elevator or reading five minutes everyday. Whatever the large goal is (ie lose weight or learn something new) break it down into small daily routines. Remember the saying “how do you eat and elephant?” “one bite at a time.” It is the best way to take a large almost impossible goal or task and make more manageable.
  4. Celebrate the small stuff
    1. You deserve a win. Change is hard and so why not celebrate your little wins along the way. Set up a reward system that is not tied to the negative action you are trying to change. If you are trying to lose weight, reward yourself to a massage, a fancy new headband, coffee, or a new shirt, and stay away from food rewards. The one I hear most often is “I’ve worked out a lot, I earned this 2000 calorie reward.” quick math:
      1. average workout is 300-500 cals x 4 days of working out is = 1200-2000 cals. One “reward” meal erased 4 days of work. Do this every week, or twice a week, or miss a day, or have a bad weekend (every other weekend) … you get my drift?
  5. It’s a Lifestyle not a DIET
    1. Diets are fads and they usually cannot  be sustained for a long time. Find a program that requires a new lifestyle. Besides living a healthy life is the greatest gift you could ever give yourself. Set up a no sweat intro and we can build a program that fits your goals.

Coach J~