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5 Tips for your First CrossFit Competition


5 Tips for your First CrossFit Competition

Over the last decade CrossFit and local competitions have steadily increased in popularity. How cool that both genders, all ages and demographics can come together and compete in celebration of pushing physical limits setting personal records. If you are like most first timers you might be freaking out, questioning your sanity as you try your best to prepare for a competition your gym buddy talked you in to. Don’t worry we got your back, here are some tips to get you ready:

  1. HAVE FUN… If you aren’t having fun, what are you even doing? This first competition is a declaration of you smashing comfort zones and celebrating what your body can do. It’s more about the experience than it is the place. Stop with the self doubt, you are already so far ahead of most people who are too afraid to even take the first step and sign up. You should be proud of yourself for showing up. Good job to you, go out there and have fun!
  2. Trust your training. If you have a few months or even a few weeks before the competition, understand you will always fall to the level of your training. Most people assume that you rise to occasion on game day, but that’s not how it works. How you preform on the day of the competition comes down to how much work you put in during training. Leading up to the competition ask your coach to no rep you if you aren’t hitting the movement standards, do RX weights even if that means you’ll finish last, show up when you don’t feel like it and don’t cherry pick your workouts.
  3. Fix your nutrition now. So much of performance and recovery are linked to how you are fueling your body. If you are not on a nutrition plan make sure to get with your coach to set that up as soon as possible. On competition day make sure to get up early and eat a balanced breakfast with protein, carbs and fats. If possible bring fast digesting carbs, like fruit juice and whey protein for in between workouts. Then post workout you will want to consume protein and double carbohydrates to help with recovery.
  4. Create a strategy. During the competition your adrenaline is going to be sky high. 3.2.1…GO will send you out of the gates way too fast leaving you gassed if you don’t have a strategy to attack each workout. Most events will release the workouts before the competition. Take the time to hash out a plan. Practice the workouts so you know what to expect. Schedule a personal training session or two with your coach to create a custom plan of attack. Come up with solutions for your sticking points and how to capitalize on your strengths. Once you have a plan, visualize yourself walking it out. From start to finish, feel the pain, decide what you will do when you get to obstacles, and celebrate your win.
  5. Get your mind right. So much of what happens during the competition will NOT be in your control. You won’t get to pick your heat, you don’t control how the other athletes perform, you won’t have a say if you judge no reps you, you don’t get to choose your equipment, how you performed in the last workout or the music or the weather. BUT you know what you do control? YOU. Your thoughts, your attitude and your performance are all up to you. Let the things you can not control roll off your back and stay focused on what you can do right now, with what you have in front of you. And if all else fails, go back to tip number 1, it’s the MOST important. Remember you are already a bad ass for showing up.

-Coach Shanna