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Coaches Rant:
what a crazy weekend. Thanks to everyone that were able to make the events this weekend. A special thanks to Bob Strebelow for getting the PPG ERT event put together, Pasquale LeMoine for driving up from Florida to let us demo the MG1, and Lastly Alonso A Ramirez for this awesome action shot and commentary… more shots from this weekend are available on arshots FB Page.  I am truly grateful to have a wonderful community of people like you, so thank-you. Lots of stuff coming up this summer… be on the look out for a monthly newsletter. It will have lifting tips, skill progressions, nutrition advice and up coming events and clinics.
2 clean Deadlift ( 3sec pause at top of knee) + 1 Power Clean x 5sets
OHS 2x5set ( 3sec pause in bottom )
Conditioning: (Start bringing a stop watch)
100m repeats
5rounds with 1:1 rest, record fastest and slowest time.
(30sec rest btw)
1a) ME Chins in 60sec x3
1B) ME Handstand Shoulder touches x3