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A Challenge!


A Challenge!



24 Day Challenge Contest Starting June 10th.

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Want to feel better, perform better and look better? 80% of your results will come from what you put in your body.  We have safe, effective, and PROVEN solutions to help you get there. Over half of  the Americans surveyed by the International Food Information Council Foundation think that figuring out how to do their own taxes is easier than figuring out what they should and shouldn’t eat in order to be healthier. It is confusing!  We get it! That’s why we are doing this challenge!! Nutrition plays a huge role in your ability to reach any health goal that you may have. You will not see maximum results in the gym if you are ignoring your nutrition!

This is not a weight loss competition. While weight loss will be a benefit to those that need or want to lose weight, that is not what this is about.  This is about creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle and reaching your health goals this year by focusing on nutrition! The 24 Day Challenge is a starting point. Our coaching,  support, grocery lists and eating plans are 100% FREE to all participants and we are here to answer questions and to ensure that you reach your goals! We’ve also thrown in some awesome prizes to keep you motivated.   Competition is open to Box Members and Non-Members!!

We also pay very well for referrals! A couple of friends or family members doing the challenge with you could get you yours for FREE!!




1st place – 3 months unlimited membership for The CrossFit Box

2nd place – 2 months unlimited membership for The CrossFit Box

3nd place – 1 months unlimited membership for The CrossFit Box


Prizes will be awarded to the participants with the biggest transformation going through the 24 Day Challenge. Participants will provide before and after pictures (tight clothing or bathing suits, no underwear pictures please), before and after measurements ( both weight and inches)  and a 2-5 sentence paragraph on what the challenge has done for them. The Coaches will choose the winners based on the best transformational story. Pictures and measurements will be used as secondary backup and tie breakers.

– Must purchase the basic or full 24 day challenge from one of our coaches or members to be part of the contest.

– 24 Day Challenges must be ordered no later than June 5th to participate.

– Already completed a 24 day challenge within 90 days but want to participate? No Problem. We have a different version for you. Ask your coach.

– Support:

One of the biggest benefits of this program is the coaching and support that comes with it!

-24 Day Challenge Presentation – June 5th, 7:45pm  Click here to register.

– Eating plan, Grocery list, Daily guide

-One-on-one coaching

-Online support group

The 24 Day Challenge Basics:

24 Day Challenge is an all-inclusive diet and nutritional solutions program. The Challenge cleans the system out gently, ridding the body of toxins, ramps up your body’s metabolism and preps it for proper nutrition absorption. This is NOT a “fad” diet or anything like that…you do still eat real food, just coordinated to the two Phases of the Challenge. It can be completed full paleo if you want to but it is not necessary to get results. We will cover all products included and answer all questions at this meeting.