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An Open Letter To The City Of Olmsted Falls


An Open Letter To The City Of Olmsted Falls

Recently I sent an email to the city of Olmsted Falls (see below) in an effort to find out some serious questions as to what is going to happen to our location. If you do not know we lease our building from the city, we have had a great relationship thus far but we are ready to expand and in need their blessing (sorta). If you don’t get any of the buzz around town you will have missed the much debated zoning changes that just recently took place throughout the city. To make a long 8 month story short it was passed to change a handful of properties from industrial to mixed use (our building was one of those properties).  We were under the impression that the build was going to put up for sale, so that we would have the opportunity to buy it from the city and then get busy with fixing and expanding our location to host bigger community events and larger classes. Dates for this have come and gone and in an effort to seek a solution I sent an email ( with some help, of course 😜).

So what does this mean for you? who knows… I don’t even know. I figured you all deserve to know that we are fighting to keep Unbroken Athletic right where it is. What you can do to help us is if you  know a counsel woman/man please share what unbroken has done for you, so that we can continue to provide great coaching and awesome services for you all to enjoy (like our coffee). Even if you don’t know one I am sure they will enjoy reading an email from you. here is a list of their emails.

Here is the one I sent.
Coach J –

To whom it may concern,


Hello Olmsted Falls😊. I am not sure who to really contact for this so sending it out to the group in hopes it reaches the correct party. Please forward to anyone that I may have missed. My name is Jeremie Tokarsky. My wife Shanna  and I own and operate Unbroken Athletic. First I want to say being that we are both Olmsted Falls alumni, we love this city and the community and are honored to be a part of it. We are active sponsors with in the city, sports teams and have participated in city events like Heritage day. We have hosted various fundraising events for Christians In Action, Toys for Tots and the Navy SEAL Foundation. We have even successfully organized free community movie nights, group family workouts, aided in creating/coaching the OFIS girls run group, and also Olmsted Falls very first 5k. We do all of this because of our passion to offer health, education and a positive environment to the surrounding community and businesses. What makes us stand out from the rest is our proven track record of helping dedicated people grow, succeed, and develop in ways the never felt possible.


There has been a lot of change in the city over the last year, so I am writing this because we are growing and have some decisions to make soon and some of the city’s decisions are going to affect us.

As many of you may know we are currently leasing 8051 Brookside Dr. We love our location and are interested in staying if possible but are unsure of the current situation. We have many ideas and a vision for our business. We are willing to work with the city to make it work but would like to know where we stand. The existing building is in need some immediate repairs and some redecorating but we do not want to invest too much time or money at this point if we are not going to be staying at this location. We would most likely repair, expand parking and add on to the existing structure in order for it to fit our future needs.


A little about our business. We have over thirty years of combined experience in general fitness, sport specific training, personal training and of course CrossFit. In 2016 we started Unbroken Athletic out of our two car garage in Olmsted Township and are now steadily outgrowing our current space. We are always looking to expand our offerings to include more for the community. We have a lot of local community support but we also get our fair share of outsiders that we bring into Olmsted Falls. This allows them to see the beauty of Olmsted Falls and maybe stay for a bite to eat, gas, or shopping. Our growth creates a healthy environment for the residents, brings in non-residents, and creates other job opportunities, like full time coaches and part time positions. We are committed to serving people that are striving for greatness by providing them with coaching that goes beyond normal fitness training.


We enjoy being a successful Olmsted Falls business and we look forward to discussing any possible opportunities.



Jeremie and Shanna Tokarsky