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Baby update


Baby update

We are still waiting!

A certain little girl faked us out and is not ready to make her appearance yet. As of now Tuesday 2/[email protected] 10:36pm all classes are good to go. I will try to update the site if anything changes. Otherwise if I don’t show up 5min past you can assume I am not coming, but you can always check my facebook for real time updates. The main classes that might be affected are the 9a, 3:30p and 4:30p. Sorry for the inconvenience but babies are funny that way. If you are desperate for a workout 6am is always an option!


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  1. Lacretta

    Couldn’t find a Box where the WODs fit the schedule for the day, but found a 24 Hr Fitness:
    Back squats at 135lbs
    Cleans at 95lbs