Retesting the Open

Monday, March 15, 2021 - 14:17

21.1So 21.1 is about to be in your rear view and for some of us we are beyond excited about that. However, there often creeps in a thought of “should I retest?” While for many of us the answer is no, there are a few instances were retesting an open workout is acceptable. Now this perspective comes out of years of doing, coaching and judging open workouts. So don’t get your butt hurt when another coach or myself suggests that you should not retest the workout. It is very seldom that I am shocked at an overly improved open retest here is why:

1. Your first attempt is often your best effort

2. When you retest you're still feeling the first attempt and demanding those same muscles to perform better

3. You're not going to gain a new skill and be proficient at it or acquire a hidden strength increase in two days.

While I don’t think that you should never retest an open workout, I do believe that it should be retested at a specific time in the future when you can adequately retest your skills and/or strength. So when should you retest? Well that that answer varies from one person to the next, but I’ve found  a few common reasons on why you should perform a retest.

1. You have been training at a higher volume and are likely to finish in the upper percentiles of your division.

2. You have been competitively training for the last year in preparation for the CrossFit games qualification.

3. You were sick or nursing an injury.

4. You bombed your first RX’d attempt due to a lack of planning or inappropriate preparation.

Lastly, (and this gets me in trouble every year) I say this as nicely as I can because we all started from somewhere. I do not believe that a scaled attempt should be retested unless there is a major issue that effected your performance. I don’t think that the scaled version of the workouts are any easier (in some case I think they might be harder) but your goal should not be to improve your scaled score but to repeat the workout next time as RX. The open workouts are meant to be physically challenging and expose weaknesses in your training. The opens main goal for most of us is a fun way to test our fitness and then train out our weaknesses in time for next year. So rather than beating yourself up about where you finish use this info and work with a coach to develop a plan for how your going to improve over the next year.

-Coach Jeremie