Athlete Spotlight - August 2020 - Jen Loebick

Monday, August 31, 2020 - 21:09

Each month Unbroken Athletic recognizes one athlete in the group that stands out as demonstrating grit, effort, positive attitude and embodies the spirit of Unbroken Athletic. Congratulations to Jen Loebick for being nominated this month by her coaches here at Unbroken. Check out her story below to see why. Thank you for inspiring us Jen! Keep up the great work! 


What’s your story?
Momma to a senior. Assistant nurse manager (rotation days/nights). Love being on the water and outside (centers me & grounds me). Reading. Recovering alcoholic & addict. Wife.

How long have you been training with us?
Since March 2019

Why did you start?

My daughter is a member. I saw how this tribe treated her and welcomed her. She always had great things to say about the coaches and the members. I would wait in the parking lot while she attended classes. So I figured why not! I’m there anyways. I needed something to keep me active. Being a recovering alcoholic & addict, it’s important to take care of body to be allow my body, mind & soul to heal.

What was the biggest thing that scared you about this type of training? How did you overcome that?

I was afraid of not fitting in to the “mold” of CrossFit. I was afraid of lifting weights and getting bulky. I learned to get uncomfortable with the unknown. Allowed myself to go through the process of learning how to properly lift. That helped ease my mind. I learned there isn’t a “typical” CrossFit type. Everyone is welcome. There are RX versions and numerous scaled options.

What has been your proudest achievement so far?

So many!!! I made a 1 year goal to rope climb and back squat my weight; I accomplished that. I can do chin-ups. RXing workouts. Completing Murph with my daughter.

What result did you gain from training here that you did not expect?

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with my body image throughout my life. I’ve had healthy and unhealthy moments with both exercise & nutrition Strong is the new skinny. Love myself for where I’m at in the process and trust it. Give myself grace.

What's your favorite movement? Back squats. Learning to love cleans.

What's your least favorite movement? Snatches (only because I struggle with them). Bike

What are you working towards now?

Pull ups. Technique with snatches. Breathing through cardio like bike and rowing and burpees

Why do you keep coming back?

CrossFit has became part of my life. I can’t imagine not going. I’m so thankful for Unbroken and the coaches. You guys got me through a dark place and kept me moving (body & mind) during quarantine. CrossFit provides structure and a community, which is pivotal in recovery. I want to continue to set goals and work towards them, no matter how big or small. I get out what I put in. It’s that simple. It is hard and it take work, but the payoff & results are worth it. It’s all on me.