Athlete Spotlight - January 2021 - Honie Latak

Saturday, February 6, 2021 - 21:52


Each month Unbroken Athletic recognizes one athlete in the group that stands out as demonstrating grit, effort, positive attitude and embodies the spirit of Unbroken Athletic. Congratulations to Honie Latak for being nominated this month by her coaches here at Unbroken. Check out her story below to see why. Thank you for inspiring us Honie! Your progress over the last couple of months has been incredible. Keep up the great work! 

What’s your story?

Wife to an amazing, supportive husband, mother to 2 grown, successful children and soon to be a BG (best grandma ☺️)

How long have you been training with us?

Since July 2020

Why did you start?

Stress. I have a very stressful job and need to work that out somehow! Also nothing is better than completing a workout that you thought you wouldn’t be able to do!


What was the biggest thing that scared you about this type of training? How did you overcome that?

I had done CrossFit before but hadn’t trained for about 2 years when I decided I needed to do something. My biggest fear was knowing how hard the first few months be.

What has been your proudest achievement so far?

Having someone half my age come up to me and tell me that I inspire them.

What result did you gain from training here that you did not expect?

I love the atmosphere at Unbroken. I love the way the coaches come in and are ready to teach you before every workout, even at 5:30 am.

You have been working hard with your nutrition. Please tell us about your success?

Tracking my food intake has helped so much! And honestly I began taking ID Life vitamins, Lean, and Slim+. The combination of watching what I eat and taking the supplements have really improved my performance!

What's your favorite movement? 

Any kind of clean! I love them!

What's your least favorite movement? 

Assault bike 🤢

What are you working towards now?

Pulls ups, toes to bar, hand stand push ups, and double unders. I am so envious of the athletes that have these movements. I know I will get there in time!

Why do you keep coming back?

I just really enjoy it! The coaches, workouts, and all of the people!

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