Does everything happen for a reason?

Tuesday, June 4, 2019 - 15:33


If you would have asked me that 10years ago, I would have looked you right in the eyes and said “absolutely” without hesitation. I would have believed it too. “Everything happens for a reason” sounds like great advice… until its not. Until your walking through tragedy, or loss, or betrayal or senseless hate. Before I walked through some life of my own, I truly believed that everything did happen for a reason.

Bless my little naïve heart, life was easier in my little bubble but it wasn’t real. Sometimes awful things happen for no reason because they’re accidents, sometimes people get sick or die for no reason, sometimes people are mean for no reason, sometimes people make decisions that hurt a lot people for no reason and sometimes bad things happen to good people for no reason. I struggled to accept this for a long time, because I also believe in personal responsibility. How can I take responsibility when there is no reason or it was not my choices that created it? How can I move on if I don’t learn or understand why it happened? Took me some time to understand, but here it is…I hope it blesses you with insight to move forward even when there are no reasons.

...Everything doesn't happen for a reason, but you get to decide how to react to it and use it in the future. YOU get to decide what happens next.

Will you let the bad things harden your heart, get bitter and angry?

What if you still got angry but then used that pain point as a launching pad for your purpose?

What if you chose instead to use it for good?

Most people will even justify that anger and join in,  which makes it even harder to move forward with love and gratitude. I’m not sitting over here on a high horse saying I’m great at this or do it with grace just yet. But I am suggesting, that is an option. When I’m really focused on growth I can choose.  Nope it won’t change the past or make it right or make it make sense. But it will give you an opportunity to move forward with purpose. The people who I look up to the most have walked through fires I won’t wish on my worst enemy, yet they come out the other side choosing to use those experiences for something good. They re-purpose their pain, hurt, sadness, and anger into love, grace and passion. We get that choice too.

-Coach Shanna