God Is Very Much Alive

Tuesday, April 16, 2019 - 11:06


The strength that comes from within these walls is far more powerful than any building. But soon this place, that brings so many people together, will be going up for bid. Its new owners chosen by Olmsted Falls City Council.  With strength and dignity we rejoice without fear of the future. Because we know, the ultimate decision lies in His hands.

We gathered as a community of believers on April 13th  at Unbroken to celebrate how far we’ve come and to lift up prayers for the future.

We are overwhelmed by the support everyone has  shown in the past couple of weeks. While our situation does contain some uncertainty it is not something that is new. We have been back and forth with the city about the building now for almost 6 months or more. From what we have learned about their ideal plan for the property, restrictions and added regulations (not to mention some other large factors). We feel that the city will have a hard time selling the property quickly.  That being said we still fully intend to participate in the bidding procedure for the building.

So we continue to ask that you send your words of support and positive things Unbroken Athletic has done for you.  We are in full support those letters, emails and phone calls being sent to city officials.  We want them to know that we are not just some regular gym or CrossFit facility but a community within a community. We rally together to support our tribe and others in the community.

Again thank you for your continued support