I Want It Now

Wednesday, March 6, 2019 - 23:42


Some of us want things now...

I am included.

I think it is human nature to want things now. That is why credit card companies thrive and internet store fronts survive. We can buy it now and pay for it later. We can find it now and it arrives at our door, sometimes the very next day. It's why people often turn to steroids to gain mass quickly, to the tune of 20 pounds of muscle in as little as 3 months (but we will talk more on that in another article). It is why we fall for fad diets that promote “lose weight in as little as 3 days.”  We know better and yet we at some point have fallen into one trap or another.

Regardless of cost or how ridiculous its claims, we went out and we got it or did it. We followed the directions (sorta) and got some results (sorta). Then when it stops working or makes us uncomfortable we immediately chalk it up as a “well it didn't work for me.’’ Often ignoring the simple fact.

If it doesn't challenge you it doesn't change you.

With quick fixes and the magic YouTube inscrutable, we assume the journey is going to be quick and relatively painless. After all, everyone is getting results and its soooo easy ?‍♂️. But underneath the shiny promises and bright lights your going to discover two things:

1) It was a half truth.
2) Your going to have to make sacrifices to get those results. (not ritualistic ? well not all the time ?)

That is what I love about CrossFit it exposes us to so many obstacles, fears, emotions and downright terrible nasty pain. It unfolds us like a well written adventure story (Okay, sometimes it's more like horror story) and shows you if you have what it takes. It will test you and you'll either pass or you'll get consumed by your excuses and spit out like a wad of 3 day old chewing gum. The thing is we all have the grit to become more than we can even imagine.

But it is a very narrow path that few will walk.

Some will “try” it, show up on “easy” days and never push it to the edge. They will eventually give in to the naysayers and the I told you so’s… Always looking for the next big thing, fad diet, magic body wrap, or other well marketed fix for your hard to get result. The sad thing is most of them will still get sorta results continuing to live a sorta kind of life.

Never experiencing the power they have locked up inside.

Dare to be great. Dare to be different. Dare to be you. Swim against the current, thrive and choose a life of challenge rather than one of comfort.