NO gym? No problem: how to stay fit while you travel

Wednesday, August 7, 2019 - 10:11


Whether you are a couple of months or a couple of years into your fitness journey, traveling can be a huge obstacle to staying fit but it doesn't have to be. While you might think it gets easier the more time you have been consistent with your fitness routine, let me be the first to tell you, it's not.

The reason it can be such a huge obstacle is that fitness like any healthy habit requires routine and traveling is anything but routine.

If you are like me, that's exactly why you love traveling. While the adventure and excitement of travel can break up the monotony of daily routines, it can absolutely sabotage healthy lifestyles if you let it.

I love to travel as much as I love fitness. We designed our lives to allow at least one trip a month, sometimes more than that and as I write this we are on a 20 day RV trip up the coast of lake Michigan. Over the last couple of years we have figured out how to make the two (traveling and fitness) work together like peanut butter and jelly.

Here are my top 3 tips:

  1. Decide that you are going to stay committed to your fitness lifestyle.
    Seems pretty simple, but this is a tough mental game. Your entire being is going to tell you you don't have to and you will come up with a million reasons why you shouldn't workout. You may even be traveling with others who chime in and give you more reasons why you don't need to be working out on your "vacation". Disclaimer I'm all for relaxing and taking scheduled breaks, if that is what you want to do than decide to do that without guilt on your trip. BUT if you travel like we do and trips are just part of your lifestyle and you want to stay fit, figuring out how to be committed to your goals while traveling is something you have to do. That is why you must DECIDE first. Schedule your workouts like you planned out your sightseeing excursions. Commit to a minimum of 20mins 3-4 times per week of moving your body enough to get sweaty.

  2. Let go of the Perfect workout.
    Listen, I LOVE the barbell. I love Olympic weightlifting, I love movement standards, I love knowing the exact measurements of a 400m run and I love going for PRs on benchmarks or lifts but those things aren't why fitness is important to me and they don't really have to be part of my traveling plan to stay on track. That's why tip number one, was commit to MOVING YOUR BODY, not a specific workout or strength goal. Don't let your idea of what a " perfect workout" is ruin your ability to focus on what you can do. I used to do this, I would think and say things like "if I can't lift heavy, what's the point?" or "I have nowhere to do a pull-up so I can't do this workout". Here's the thing, its not going to be what your use to, its not going to be perfect, and you will have to modify movements, but something is better than nothing. You must learn to be flexible with your approach.

  3. Be creative.
    Seriously, when you were a kid you turned an empty box into a spaceship and carpet into lava, I know you can do this. When we travel in our RV we bring a set of Dumbbells, weight vests, jump ropes and a set of rings. With those 4 pieces of equipment we are able to follow the gyms programming with modifications. For example the workout today is:

    7min AMRAP
    *on the minute 5 deadlifts

    We don't have wallballs, we can use the DB to do front squats or thrusters instead and then do DB deadlifts. A little different but still the same. If we had NO equipment, we could do jumping air squats instead of wallballs and 5 picnic table or water bottle case deadlifts.  If you are unsure how to modify you can join our free FIT4ME facebook group that has a ton of CrossFit workouts you can do with minimal equipment. OR We started uploading new ones to our IGTV once a week too. 

    - Coach Shanna