Pushing the Boundaries & Failing Forward

Tuesday, October 29, 2019 - 11:29

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There are many times in life that feel like we are stretched. Whether that is physically stretched, as in too much stuff going on and not feeling like we have enough time to get everything done. Or, if that is mentally and emotionally stretched, like our minds are pulling us into multiple directions and we are not sure which one is correct. All of these feelings of being stretched tend to cause us to either freak out or stay stagnant. The key to moving forward belongs in having the courage to push the boundaries that we have set for ourselves by giving ourselves permission to not only fail, but fail forward.

Having the courage to push the boundaries comes from combining our imagination and ambition together. It’s not being afraid to break the societal chains. It’s about expressing yourself how you want to, no matter if others look at you weirdly or with concern. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying doing something illegal or immoral, but I am saying to go against the norm.

Allow yourself to express what you really feel or who you want to be. When you are attempting to push the boundaries, failing will inevitably happen. There is no getting around that. Ideas you have, expressions you are trying to express, the things you are trying to chase, all have the ability to flop on you in a second. However, to take the lessons given to you by these failures and learn from them, gives you that ability to “fail forward”.

I used to hate the word failure until I realized that more growth comes from failure than it does from success. In fact, there is no true failure unless if you give up. Failing forward is another way of saying I didn’t get there yet, but I’ve learned some valuable lessons that will help me get to where I what to go.

We all have the ability to push the boundaries of life and we all have the ability to fail forward. The question now becomes less of “can I push the boundaries and fail forward,” and more “do I have the courage to push the boundaries and to give myself permission to fail forward?” The only way to truly find this out is to start acting. Start figuring out who you really are and start expressing yourself in a way that makes you happy. Start pushing those boundaries and giving yourself permission to fail forward.

-Coach Vince

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