21.3 Spirit of the Open Winner

Friday, April 2, 2021 - 21:09

kayla aimon Thomas idaliz

21.3 Spirit of the Open Winners!

Y’all made this VERY difficult to pick.


Kayla Klein and Aimon Alkanani

Special extra big shout outs to Idaliz Noble Medina and Thomas Quintana

Kayla had that prom theme nailed down, and came to push herself. In 21.3 Kayla was able to get her first chest to bar pull ups in an awesome Rx effort. In 21.4, she tied a personal best!

Aimon came ready to party, and showed us what Open Magic was all about when it came time to workout. After trying for months. Aimon was able to hit his first 3 muscles ups!!!

We’d also like to recognize Idaliz. She came ready to dance the night away, and showed us her determination when she got her first ever chest to bar pull ups.

Thomas came with a level of style that put the other guys to shame. During the workout, he got all 30 chest to bar showing an awesome effort.

Special thank you to our sponsors this week for more awesome prizes!!

Suds Maguire's Bar and Grill and O2 Sports Recovery