For the LOVE of CrossFit Mini Series

Friday, January 22, 2021 - 16:47


Are you unhappy about doing singles unders when the workout calls for doubles? Or frustratingly doing banded or jumping pull ups? Does your toes-to-bar resemble more of a backyard swing rather than a crisp gymnastics movement?

There is always going to be certain movements that when we see them come up in a workout, we think to ourselves that we should have skipped today. Or sometimes we can struggle through them but when you see classmates burning through double unders and you are still doing singles, or the single-single-double method, you feel that twinge of envy.

You cannot help but to think “why can I not do those?“

The good news is that the majority of those people didn't walk in and bust out a set of perfect dubs or a beautiful set of kipping pull ups. They had to learn them and then dedicate time to learn the movement.

We created a large list of some of the most asked about movements and whittled it down into the top 4 movements that we feel every CrossFitter can improve or develop. Over the next 4 Saturdays, starting the first week of feb, we will be running those 4 skill development classes that will address some of those common movements that most people struggle with.

2/6: Rowing - understanding basics and how to improve

2/13: Pull ups and Toes to bar- dialing in kipping and pulling efficiency

2/20: Double unders - tips a tricks to getting one or multiple

2/27: Handstands - holds and walking

Since they are not a progressive series you don't have to do them all. So if you struggle with one or two of the movements you can register for those classes separately or if you are interested in doing them all you can buy them as a package for a discount.

REGISTER HERE for all 4 classes