One Size Does Not Fit All

Tuesday, June 25, 2019 - 12:58


Ever wonder why some people get results with seemingly minimal effort while others have to train harder and longer to achieve the same goals?

As a result of genetics, lifestyle and medical history some people will experience greater benefits with certain types exercises, diets, supplements. Which completely makes sense to me after being in the health and fitness industry for 20years and coaching thousands of people. NO ONE is exactly the same, which is why we need personalized plans.

I have believed this for years, which is why at Unbroken Athletic, we provide 1on1 nutrition coaching, personal training, scaleable workouts and NOW personalized supplement plans. Excited to announce our new partnership that will allow us to help clients build their own personalized vitamin packs.

We have never had 2 people get the same exact results from the same plan. Doesn’t make sense to have a one size fits all approach to wellness or fitness. If you have worked with us, you know this because we spend we lot of time asking questions up front before coming up with a plan for you.

Now we have a system and concrete data to build those recommendations on. Lots of people wasting time & money on things that will never be effective for them.

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