Things you should know before coming back to the gym

Tuesday, May 19, 2020 - 15:27

The gym is our safe spot, it’s our therapy, it's our family, it's our escape, it's our stress release, it's our encouragement,  and it's our social hour. It’s more than just a building and equipment, its the people that make it. Anyone that is part of a great fitness community understands this. While outsiders of our community may look at us and believe we are overreacting, our gyms are as important to many of us as oxygen and water. We’ve set up our lives, habits and environments to create a lifestyle that supports health and wellness. These last 2 months have been extremely challenging to stay committed to that lifestyle when environments and people  have been stripped away from us.

Knowing that every adversity presents an equal opportunity to grow, I have learned to never take for granted the people and places that help create an environment that supports your goals. I’m more convinced now than ever that it is impossible to get to where you want to go alone. Together we truly are better. Who you choose to surround yourself matters. All that being said, I’m extremely excited to get back to our gym community. Wanted to share some things you should know before jumping back in to help you make a smooth transition from training at home alone:

1. Give yourself (a lot of)  grace. Your mind is going to trick you. It’s going to tell you things like; “you have to start over”, “Maybe you should just throw in the towel”, “you’ll never get back to where you were” …. You get the point. Don’t listen. Those doubts will creep into your mind, keep showing up anyway. Act your way into a new feeling. You do that by showing up consistently regardless of how you feel. There is nothing wrong with you for having these doubts, let them come up, acknowledge them but don’t believe them. That’s the power of choice.

2. Start Slow. It will take a few weeks for your body and mind to get back into your new routine. While you might have been able to do certain things two months ago with no struggle, that might not be the case today. Listen to your body, do lower weights and reps if you have to, lean on your coach for support in scaling. The great news is you have muscle memory for a lot of the movements, so you will be able to progress much faster than when you first started. You aren’t starting from scratch, you are starting with experience.

3. Be encouraging to others. Obnoxiously kind. This is a big one!  We all are coming out of one of the most challenging times of our lives. For a lot of us we are not out of the woods yet. The best thing about being part of a gym community is that we get to help each other along the journey. Ever notice how a partner WOD doesn’t hurt the same way a solo grid does? There is something about walking through pain together that makes it bearable. Let's do that here. Let’s not start cleaning up our equipment until the last person is done with the workout, let’s celebrate other people’s PRs more than our own, let’s cheer louder for our gym family than we do for professional sports teams,  let's go out of our way to complement each other and our efforts and let’s do our best to love each other despite our differences.

To everyone that will be walking through the doors at Unbroken Athletic when we reopen on May 26th, 2020, welcome home. We missed you. We love you and we can’t wait to celebrate life with you again. Lets get after this with a new sense of purpose and hunger for growth.

If you are looking for a fitness community, we would love to welcome you to ours. Schedule your virtual no sweat intro to get started. 

-Coach Shanna