Why I'm doing the OPEN

Thursday, February 25, 2021 - 15:05

"The 2021 Open will be the third time I have done the open. While it is a great opportunity to compete with fellow Unbroken athletes and test your fitness, the Open is far more than that. It is an opportunity to celebrate your success with the entire Unbroken Tribe. With so many members attending classes throughout the day, we don’t always get to see and interact with each other. And while everyone doesn’t do the Open, or do the workout on the same day, a majority of the Tribe does and it is an awesome experience. It is a chance to root for each other, to push each other when the workout gets tough, and to celebrate finishing the WOD. While its is exciting to see my fitness improve and do things I couldn’t a year ago, the overwhelming reason I compete in the Open is so I can experience it with the entire Unbroken Tribe! That attached picture says it all!"   

-Matt G.