How you do anything is how you do everything

Wednesday, March 7, 2018 - 17:03

How you show up in the small things, how you handle obstacles, how you carry yourself in any situation is usually how the rest of your life is handled too. Let's talk about how ‘gym life’ then can actually improve every part of life, not just the physical aspects. In my opinion, this is the most beneficial part of Crossfit training. How you progress in the sport will bleed over into all areas of your life. Do you show up committed to the hour and your workout or are you distracted thinking about other things and just going through the motions? Do you push yourself when it gets hard or give into your self imposed limitations? Do you slow down to focus on the little skills daily in order to hit your goals or are you hoping that they will just happen because you are there? Are you committed to show up consistently over the year or do you fall off for weeks at a time constantly having to start over again? Do you focus on your journey or are you focused on what others are doing? Are you willing to try and fail or are you too worried about what others will think if they see you struggling? Are you willing to push out of your comfort zone on weights and skills or do you scale to get better times and make the workouts comfortable? Do you push past all your excuses or do you play victim to your circumstances? Do you rep shave to get it done faster or do you hold yourself and your reps to high standard? I can guarantee issues that show up in the gym, show up in your home, in your relationships and in your work. So if you want to improve your “everything”, start with the small “anything”, start in the gym. Start with one issue at a time and watch your life transform.

-Shanna Tokarsky