Not Good Enough

Wednesday, March 21, 2018 - 08:48

Not Good Enough

So much of what holds us back at the gym and in life is our self limiting beliefs about ourselves. It's easy to see how those negative thoughts creep into our minds.  We spend hours on social media comparing our behind the scenes to everyone else's highlight reel. We are addicted to likes and followers but lack real relationships and connections.  We are bombarded with advertisements constantly telling us that we are broken and need their solutions to feel good about ourselves. We live in a society that views failure and obstacles as a bad thing and tries to eliminate it from the process, even though it’s a proven stepping stone to success. If I could tell you one thing that would change your life forever, it’s this: What you believe about yourself will ultimately determine where you end up in life. Your beliefs about yourself dictate your thinking and your actions, which create your life. If you are struggling, start working  on yourself first. The best way to increase personal belief is keep the promises you make to yourself. The little ones, the big ones, all of them. Be impeccable with your word to yourself. If you say I’m going to make it in to the gym 3x a week” or “I’m going to bed at 10pm to get more sleep” or “I’m going to eat veggies at every meal”, Do it. Yes no one will know if you don’t do it, but you will and your beliefs about yourself are the most important. Then start reading or listening to positive materials daily, find a way to avoid the negative influences at all cost. It's a daily battle. Unfollow people that make you feel bad, turn off the TV, expect to fail along the way. Finally choose to surround yourself with people that believe in you, you can borrow their belief until you find some of your own.

Here's some of my beliefs if you need to borrow: you are good enough, right now, exactly how you are. You have everything you need to be successful. You don’t need to be like anyone else, you don’t need that thing, you will fail but it doesn’t make you a failure, you are on the right track just keep going. There is no one else in the world that has your exact talents, skills and abilities and we’re waiting for you to use them for good.  Regardless of who you were yesterday, you can become whoever you want to be today.

My favorite quote that's helped me smash so many of my own limiting beliefs from one of my mentors, Mr. Ron Reynolds, "Your current circumstances are not an accurate indicator of either your value or destiny."

- Shanna Tokarsky