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Broccoli Has More Protein Than Steak


Broccoli Has More Protein Than Steak

Have you seen this image yet?

Chances are it was probably a Facebook or Instagram friend sharing to promote why you should eat more veggies, join a nutrition challenge, or become a vegan. I am not picking on vegans but I do want to shed some light on the half truths and myths that spread fast in the growing digital world of nutrition.

Even with all the easy access to knowledge, experience and science that we have in 2019, nutrition is still one of the most misunderstood part of health and wellness. The majority of people do not fully understand it and because there are so many uneducated/under educated folks out there giving their version of “expert” advice on their blogs or social media platforms we are now more confused than ever. People like me who have been coaching and studying nutrition for over a decade often spend the majority of our time reeducating our clients and grudgingly disproving half truths. The biggest problem is that half truths are just as bad as lies and believing them will straight up sabotage your results, especially if your goals are weight loss. Here’s just one example.

DOES 100 calories of broccoli have more protein in it than a 100 calories of steak?

YES, yes it does. That’s not the issue. Have you ever seen what 100 calories of broccoli looks like? It’s roughly 8 ounces or 5 cups! 5 cups of broccoli to get 11g of protein. For me, a 140lb female, I would have to eat double that to get the amount of protein I need for one of my 6 daily meals. In contrast, 100 calories of steak is roughly 1.3 ounces, maybe ⅓ cup. So my issue here is that yes while it’s true, it’s completely irrelevant because NO ONE in their right mind would eat 10 cups of broccoli in one day, little alone one sitting. If the graphic was to scale it won’t be powerful would it. No there is nothing wrong with broccoli, eat 1-2 cups of veggies at each meal. But don’t assume you are getting the protein you need from broccoli because of stupid pictures like this on the internet. It’s deceiving.

If you are trying to navigate your own way through figuring out this whole nutrition thing, my advice to you is hire a coach. It will be worth every penny because they have already sifted through all the half truths like this one floating around.  Find someone who has been doing it for awhile, has results that you want, can help you read labels, understand basics around macro and micro nutrition and can help you understand what you need to fuel your specific goals.

People with agendas on social media, in the news and even in the government are relentlessly bombarding us with little things like this. New fad diets come out every week, but the science of proper nutrition have been the same for a very long time. Find someone who can educate you on the truth so that you can spot half truths when you see them.

-Coach Shanna