Ian Rice

Ian Rice


Bench Press: 300

Deadlift: 445

Half Marathon: 2h2min

5k: 21min20s


K-12 Health & Physical Education

K-12 Administration

About Coach

Started weight training in the 10th grade and never stopped. In the 2010s, I started running 5k’s to half marathons and participating in Obstacle Course Races. Then in 2016, I started my relationship with CrossFit. In November of 2021, I found Unbroken seeking the ability to coach and I have been doing so and loving it since March 2022. Growing up I was involved with music more than athletics but I was always involved in rec league basketball and little league. In college, you could say my sport was dance. And now that I’m a father to a 3-year-old princess, nothing makes me happier than playing with her and teaching her the life lessons of being physically active.

Turning Point

I would say I’m at a turning point right now in my athletic career. Joining CrossFit was a game changer not just in terms of lifting heavier, learning new skills, and moving with more intensity, but also in focusing on my mobility. CrossFit does a great job of identifying an athlete's weaknesses and over the last several months I have put my dreams of becoming an advanced athlete on hold to become a more mobile one. It’s as we do in the shadows that keep up strong and Unbroken in the spotlight. Trust me. I’m also doing this to make sure I can move home with my wife and toddler.

Motivation & Passion

I love to teach, hence I love to coach. While I almost have 1 full year of CrossFit coaching experience, I also have been a teacher for 14 years. I enjoy teaching a variety of individuals who are different on every spectrum and waiting for those “lightbulbs” to go off. I’m very patient and supportive and I always expect the best out of my students and my athletes. People are always stronger than they think they are and I love making them realize that. I guarantee you I’m not your normal coach and you will be better than you were yesterday with my support. As long as athletes are consistent and disciplined, everyone wins at Unbroken.

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