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Corridor principle


Corridor principle

Have you heard of the Corridor principle?… basically says, as you begin to step out in life, with no guarantee of success, doors of opportunity began to open up for you that you would have never seen had you not stepped out.

This day 2 years ago, we took a huge step out on faith and signed a lease before our finances were approved, before we had members to support the operating costs, before we had equipment, before we had a level floor and before we knew how any of it would work out… awesome to look back now and say good job because we know where we are today, but in all honesty this day was terrifying.

The most incredible things happened since then. The people, resources and ideas all showed up as we kept stepping out and forward…which is how I plan to spend the rest of my life…moving when I’m not ready to see what doors are next. Its the coolest thing ever! It’s common (even realistic ) to say “when I have the money, time, resources, security…etc… but that’s not really how it works. (At least not in my life)

Everything I ever wanted was one scary step of faith away, I just couldn’t see the doors of opportunity until I was willing to start moving forward on faith.

Wonder what is down your Corridor? What are your million dollar ideas, companies, books, or sales? What doors are waiting for you? You will never know until you step out.

Coach Shanna